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Soa Services Madagascar – Data Entry Services.

We offer data entry services for all kinds and formats of documents:
   –      Directories
   –      Databases
   –      Catalogs
   –      Yellow pages
   –      Company reports
   –      Questionnaires

Documents Filing according to their contents:
   –      Computer printouts documents
   –      type written document
   –      classical handwritten document
   –      ancient handwritten document
   –      technical handwritten document

Soa Services Madagascar:
Precise tools are at your disposal. Control by NF X 06-022 standard.
More than 2,200,000 entry signs & 800,000 clicks daily.

The process is as followed: Double data entry with comparison, correction of compared files and final control OR simple data entry then correction and final control.

The delivery formats depends on your requests. In general, the most recommended format is *.txt or *.csv with field separator. Other formats are also available such as *.xls, *.slk, *.dbf, *.mdb or *.txt in fixed length...

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