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Soa Services Madagascar – IT equipment.

Our infrastructure provides employees efficient work environment, required to succeed numerous outsourcing projects for different industries. Maintenance & extension are made periodically.

Soa Services Madagascar is connected by fast Internet connectivity such as Primary Internet connectivity: Marine fiber optic cable (South Africa-Indian Ocean), Secondary Internet connectivity (Server routed to satellite link).

Soa Service Madagascar works with advanced technology (Internet, Intranet) 24 h a day. Infrastructure & Network are highly secured. Firewalls, secure VPN communication, virus prevention & cure, spam fillers, URL filtering.

In case of primary source failure, Soa Services Madagascar has a generator back up. All of our infrastructures are backed by dual power supply through independent power paths.

Soa Services Madagascar can realize your outsourcing project due to our refined and well-equipped infrastructure. It lets us to maintain our standard of service and make your project immaculate.

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