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Soa Services Madagascar – The Team.

Elisabeth RASOANDRAIBE (Lalie)
General Manager. Has years of work experience with over 20 years in senior Management positions. Has been part with Board of Directors. Member of Groupe Le Laureat

Data Processing Manager. Experienced in the BPO service & IT Industry. Serving various capacities as customer support, Business Development. Compelling his Marketing skills at IMGAM (Business Administration School).

Project Manager. Comes with years of experience in Communication & Mass Media (University of Antananarivo).

Oliviah RAZAFINDRAZAKA (Oliviah)
Project Manager. Strong experienced in IT outsourcing. Her logical & analytical skills in working with customers ease rapidly to identify clients’ needs, problems and give suitable solutions.

Quality Controller / Coach.

RAKOTO-DERA Hary H. (Henri)
Quality Controller / Coach.

Tolojanahary Gift (Gi)

Tahiry N. RAMAMONJISOA (Ra-tah)
Network Technician.

And more than 60 dedicated and strong work force employees in rotation system.
Working from 06:15 to 18:15 (Madagascar local time) a day.
At +3:00 GMT: adequate for Europe & America.

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