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Your Audio and Translation Team

 Transcription services, Undertake various typing duties from audio files; fast & accurate. Touch type at a high speed (micro cassettes transcriber, Dictaphone, CDs, DVDs, electronic files MP3, WAV, MP4 or MPEG4, TV shows, Interviews, talks, lectures & meetings …).

 Lectures & Meetings: Conferences, Board meetings, General assembly meetings.

 Translations: French into English, English into French, legal documents translations, Surveys, responses of customers for various companies’ translations.

 Interviews, talks.

 Our Equipment: Headset, Foot pedal, Transcription software (must be capable of reading: DSS, DS2, WAV, MP3, DVI, WMV audio files and have AVI and MPEG reading capabilities, *.ogg, *.dss, *.3jp, *.wav, *.mp3, *.wma, *.avi, tape recorder, CD, VCD, DVD, DivX, etc.

 Soa Services Madagascar reacts quickly, and flexibly.
Do not adjust your recording, we will make it at the way you feel it.
 Speedy typing, good grammar & spelling abilities, converting audio into specially formatted documents, minimum typing speed 70 words per minutes.

Reports, surveys, novels, legal documents, texts, websites, Soa Services Madagascar has certified translators and can do an accurate translation. Languages used: English, French, Malagasy.

 Database, data entry services
Surveys, questionnaires, company reports, printed & handwritten source, copying, pasting, editing, sorting & indexing.

 Online data processing services
Recovery or integration, data development straight through Internet, back-office Internet.

 Transcription & Translation
Full transcription from all audio and video files according to your own style and method of transcription.
Translation : (EN↔FR↔MG).

 Photo editing services
Sorting, shaping, optimizing your photos and images (colors, contrast, brightness, framing), cleaning and labeling, montage.

 Virtual dedicated operative(s)
Disposal Online assistant, creative & technical services for our clients.

 Editorial works
Writing tools, article planning, original interviewing & writing, copy editing/proofreading.


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Through Soa Services team’s experiments, using advanced network, techniques and computing platforms, we have the solution to your needs in BPO and data processing with the best price for a task-based or a dedicated formula (per hour, day or month), at global level.