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Soa Services Madagascar – Dedicated team.

A virtual assistant performs almost all the official tasks that a full-time assistant at your office would perform; you can be rest assured that your routine tasks at office will be taken care of in a professional manner.

Our virtual assistant could be connected at your disposal online through skype, gtalk and more

We offer highly qualified and experienced virtual assistants. Most of our customers’ needs:

Blog moderator: What are the blog, chat room, Forum, look like without their moderators? It is obvious that moderators are required to be sure of the cleanliness of your pages and give an improvement into your image, charter, and above all, emphasize the strength of your Firms into the internet audience.

Blog facilitator: In other words, Blog facilitator is about assisting, cajoling, pushing, coaching, refereeing – but not offering his opinions or directing the conversation. His first priorities are focus on clients’ needs, make them interested in the website and conclude a deal. Our performing services: Chat room, sms, blogs, forum, dating website.

Transcriptionists: Due to your lack of time to interact with your business partners, lawyers, translators... spontaneous transcriptionists are needed. Soa Service Madagascar offers you high literate transcriptionists, with quality and speed results.

Online PA: highly qualified and experienced online personal assistant, who are capable of managing all your administrative tasks such as call answering, correspondence management, data entry, event planning, Internet research, appointment scheduling, etc.

Website developer: Adapted existing website software & graphics packages to meet business requirement. Upload the site onto a server and register it with different search engines, website directories.

Make your adequate time and resources to focus on building your business, Need a reliable assistant to whom you can delegate your routine tasks, reduce the cost of full time employees, choose Soa Services Madagascar virtual assistant, Operators, Assistants, and projects Managers will be at your disposal 24 hours a day.

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