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Soa Services Madagascar – Why Madagascar?

Madagascar actually seduces foreign companies that want to outsource. You can be in that circle too. There are advantages to make those firms to outsource in Madagascar: Cost effective, time zone advantage (operate 24x7), highly skilled work force & quality services.

Cost effective and highly services

Madagascar is well-known with its cost effective. It is even classified as part of the cheapest countries about outsourcing. Despite its cost effective, work force is highly skilled and provides high quality services


With its time zone advantage (GMT+3), Work force can be at 24x7. With Soa Services Madagascar for instance, team can be divided by two (am & pm) Work force are young, ready and high skilled. English, French are used.

Information technology

Innovation is a must due to globalization. Madagascar has always access to high-end and updates technology. Schools and vocational institute are now leading to IT & Marketing.

Those are reasons to make Madagascar competitive to the global market.

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