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Why Outsource ?

Outsource improve the productivity and emphasize the image of your firm regional and global market, it gives your business the competitive edge. Competitors have already outsourced since ages.

More than all advantages that we usually hear from websites, here are some that we want you to know:

     • Get benefits from expertise & specialized services

     • Reduce the cost, save your budget and take advantage of profit margins

     • Increase your business

     • Focus on your business core...

     • Dématérialiser vos flux, etc.


Madagascar actually seduces foreign companies that want to outsource. You can be in that circle too. There are advantages to make those firms to outsource in Madagascar: Cost effective, time zone advantage (operate 24x7), highly skilled work force & quality services.

Cost effective and highly services

Madagascar is well-known with its cost effective. It is even classified as part of the cheapest countries about outsourcing. Despite its cost effective, work force is highly skilled and provides high quality services


With its time zone advantage (GMT+3), Work force can be at 24x7. With Soa Services Madagascar for instance, team can be divided by two (am & pm) Work force are young, ready and high skilled. English, French are used.

Information technology

Innovation is a must due to globalization. Madagascar has always access to high-end and updates technology. Schools and vocational institute are now leading to IT & Marketing.

Those are reasons to make Madagascar competitive to the global market.

Why Soa Services ?

Outsource to Soa Services Madagascar means quality & quantity at the same time into your market.

   • Professionalism & quick response

   • Dedicated team (24x7)

   • Flexibility to any projects

   • Technical skills & expertise

   • Confidentiality & Security

   • Quality services & time-keeper

   • Cost effective...

There are four ways to transfer your data into Soa Services Madagascar:

Your files and data can be upload at our website, secured; all the procedures can be sent to you at the beginning of the data processing project.

You can send it into our email: centreprod[at]soaservices-mg[dot]com.

Skype can also be used for data transfering: "centreprod_ss".

You can upload it at and give us the link to download.

You can use DHL, Midex, Colis Express to send through paper work, DVD, CD, books...

 Database, data entry services
Surveys, questionnaires, company reports, printed & handwritten source, copying, pasting, editing, sorting & indexing.

 Online data processing services
Recovery or integration, data development straight through Internet, back-office Internet.

 Transcription & Translation
Full transcription from all audio and video files according to your own style and method of transcription.
Translation : (EN↔FR↔MG).

 Photo editing services
Sorting, shaping, optimizing your photos and images (colors, contrast, brightness, framing), cleaning and labeling, montage.

 Virtual dedicated operative(s)
Disposal Online assistant, creative & technical services for our clients.

 Editorial works
Writing tools, article planning, original interviewing & writing, copy editing/proofreading.


By using this form, feel free to send us your message, quote request and/or large files (up to 2GB).

Please, clearly define your expectations (volume, delivery time, process) with the sample files (up and downstream samples).

Through Soa Services team’s experiments, using advanced network, techniques and computing platforms, we have the solution to your needs in BPO and data processing with the best price for a task-based or a dedicated formula (per hour, day or month), at global level.